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A professionally managed organization,Anirudh Texchem is engaged in the manufacture and export of all kinds of uniforms as hotel uniform, apron uniform, govt. institutional uniform, school uniform and hospital uniform etc for various industries at competitive prices.

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We have provided large and small companies with creative design of Checks, Lycra & many more top quality products as per customer requirement. Every day our clients list is filled with more and more number of new customers due to our excellence in maintaining international quality which is the result of personal attention, innovatives ideas, technical expertise and experienced staff.

We are one of the innovative manufacturers of School Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Hospital requirements & Institutional uniform cloth in India, and enjoy the tremendous advantage of leading edge manufacturing and distribution technology. Our unique ability is to provide a wide set and best of breed proprietary services and product.

We are corporate uniforms supplier, offering specialized and promotional goods and many other items to our most reputed clients. We combine the finest selection of materials available with our quality craftsmanship to produce some of the sharpest looking and affordable uniforms on the market today.

We are manufacturer of fabrics in Polyester/Viscose, Polyester/Cotton, 100% Cotton, Nylon, Canvas & many more. We produce wider width Fabric starting from 36”inches to 140” inches.

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